• Mind Control Car Racing Game by Emotiv Insight at CES 2015

    The new Emotiv headsets are able to read your brain when it’s just chilling, and then calibrate for a specific action.

Emotiv Insight at CES 2015

According to Geoff Mackellar “It all starts back with the data coming from the headset and we built a number of different interfaces for the data and project detection systems. How the car race works is you basically decide how you want to command your car. What sort of mental map you want to use. So you might visualize driving the car, pushing it or doing some sort of other thing or maybe decide on something completely different, like thinking about elephants. As long as you have a consistent thought, we can record what you want to use as your mental command and we have a machine learning system to recognize when you are thinking your mental command and when you are not. With the Insight suite you can program up to 4 distinct commands quite easily, some people can handle 7 or 8. Quite generally it takes a fair amount of skill and practice to get up to 3 active commands. For the car race demo it’s quite simple, only using a single command. Our switch actually puts out a trigger signal where it puts out a command that is sent over through a usb to a processor that acts like a wireless remote to a go forward like button, then the computer sets the command that turns the switch and off goes the car.”