Growth of Smart Home Technologies Leads to New Marketplace

“With the rapid growth in the smart home category, we are creating a dedicated area where attendees will find the range of smart home technologies coming to market. More than ever, homeowners are embracing the convenience and comfort that technology can bring with customized access to appliances, lighting and heating, window coverings, irrigation, entertainment systems and more”

Karen Chupka,
senior vice president, International CES

Qualcomm’s Internet of Everything experience at CES 2015

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is here, and Qualcomm is ready.

In our booth at CES, those interested in IoE will find plenty of examples of how technologies from Qualcomm companies are helping create the fabric of the IoE.

Qualcomm is not just connecting “things.” We’re drawing from our expertise of mobile innovation and transforming all kinds of end-devices and access nodes by adding intelligence and advanced functionality into them. We’re supporting these intelligent products with Qualcomm connectivity solutions and AllJoyn™ open source software framework from the AllSeen Alliance

In the video above, we demonstrate what these IoE experiences look and feel like. You’ll see how connected devices can work with each other, sharing information with each other and the user. It’s our vision for what your morning can look like, when devices throughout your home is a part of the IoE.

This video is just a small taste of what Qualcomm is doing for the Internet of Everything. In the IoE area of the Qualcomm CES booth, we focus on how Qualcomm connectivity and experiences are advancing smart cities, automobiles, the smart home, wearables, and mobile health.