LG Steam Closet

The most interesting appliance that LG had on show was the second generation of its Styler cleaning system. It’s essentially a narrow closet that can store and clean dress jackets and pants. LG says that the styler basically does a dry cleaning process without chemicals — it’ll steam your clothing to kill smells and bacteria and hopefully leave them free of wrinkles. Which sounds awesome. The new version is a bit narrower (the photo above depicts two units side-by-side) and is supposed to be more affordable than the original model (though LG hasn’t announced its specific price just yet). It’s also made the Styler’s controls look way more futuristic, as turning the machine on makes options start glowing out of its black door. The Styler also pairs with an LG app that can be used to select more specific cleaning settings or determine what’s broken in the machine should something go wrong.