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Job Description

Springbox offers a fun, stimulating, technology-focused work environment that is fast-paced and rewarding. They are committed to fostering an environment where highly talented, challenge-hungry people thrive. I will have the opportunity to learn and grow your skill-set, while making a real contribution to a rapidly expanding agency.

Their Austin office was looking for a Web Development Intern to work alongside our teams creating cool, cutting-edge online experiences across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. A successful intern will have a solid understanding of core programming methodologies and is not intimidated when learning a new language, but rather intrigued by the possibility of solving a unique problem. This job required someone able to adapt to new technologies with a willingness to experiment, sometimes fail, and inevitably succeed. Their ultimate desire is to transform the internship into a full-time job upon graduation and I am glad to have a job offer from them.

About Me

Highly proficient, technical and effective team player with strong communication and problem solving skills experienced in mobile app development, peripheral networks, web based applications, website creation, animation and digital media.

Technical Skills

1. Expert web designer with HTML5 and CSS3
2.Highly skilled in WordPress CMS- setup, design and plugin customization.
3. Magento E-Commerce site developing, theme design and customization.
4. Expert in Search Engine Optimization with Google Analytics and Google Adsense
5. 2D and 3D animation and video editing with Flash and Final Cut Pro
6. Good technical knowledge Drupal and Jhoomla CMS
7. Able to work both in Windows or Mac platform.
8. Advanced knowledge on online research methods.

  • Web Developing Skilss

    Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, html5, CSS 3.0, C++, Javascript, php, Codekit, Sublime Text, SourceTree

  • Graphics Design Skills

    Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Axure, AutoCAD

  • Video and Animation Skills

    Flash CS6 (with action script), Final Cut Pro 10, Adobe After Effects CS6

  • Mobile App Development Skills

    PhoneGap, CodeKit, Jason, JavaScript

  • Other Skills

    MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Windows 8, 7, XP, 98, MacOSx 10.8.2

Internship Goals



  1. This is a 6 hours course that is very important for the overall grade. The academic goal for me is to get an A on this course.
  2. This course also requires filling out timesheets and keep daily logs. This is something I am not very familiar with. I want to learn proper ways of keeping logs and creating timesheets.

Action Steps

  1. I will follow the guidelines in syllabus and also follow the instructions that the professor has given us in the class. I will be punctual about submitting the documents in time and will never miss a deadline. I will be present in all classes and presentations. And finally I will perform my best in the job field- not just to get an A in the class but to fulfill my other goals stated later.
  2. I will mark my calendar with deadlines about the log and timesheet. I will use my experience of keeping log in “INTERACT TECHNOLOGY & E-COMMERCE” course that I have taken last semester.

Time Frame

  1. This starts from today May 20th 2013 till my last day at job August 23rd 2013.
  2. Delivering timesheets and other course papers starts from today May 20th 2013 till the presentation week in August.



  1. I have more than 5 years work experience in different countries- mostly in Asia. The work environment here in United States is quite new to me. My first personal goal is to get familiar with the work environment and culture in USA.
  2. I want develop friendly relationship with as many people possible in the company. I am a student worker n St. Edward’s University. I am working with the web development team. One of the team members recently left St. Edward’s and joined Springbox. He knew about my work quality as we worked together. I believe his strong recommendation got me an interview call even though I have applied in Springbox through their website which didn’t give any result. My point is, I believe personal contacts and recommendations are very powerful in a start up career like me in a new country. I want to know and impact as many people I can in the company.

Action Steps

  1. I want to watch carefully what is happening around me in the company and learn how people get along and get the works done. Different culture and company has different approaches and to be familiar with my current opportunity, I will keep my eyes open and mind clear.
  2. I not only want to work hard and prove myself but also want to socialize and get to know people more closely. I would not isolate myself from other co-workers, employees and supervisor. I plan to take them out to lunch or for a drink even after work.

Time Frame

  1. This runs throughout my entire internship period- from June 3rd till August 23rd 2013.
  2. I want to know at least 4 people each week throughout my 12 weeks internship.


  1. Goals
    1. I want to learn about project management. I don’t have much idea how this is done since I was mostly in development work. I started to get a sense working with the Web developing team in St. Edward’s University but I will like to have a real world experience with a bigger and active company like Springbox.
    2. I want to learn more about mobile app development and new trendy tools the companies’ use these days.
    3. I want to improve my skills on content management platform like Drupal and e-commerce platform like Magento.
    4. I want to develop and practice my professional communication skills. By this I mean, how to dress up properly, talk professionally, act smartly, dine elegantly etc.  I feel with my business degree this is very important to polish and market myself properly.

    Action Steps

    1. Springbox is dedicating a new project for the 3 interns. They will be working in the project from start to finish. They will be involved all the client interaction, development troubleshooting and other necessary steps that is require finishing a project successfully. I believe to be able to complete this task over 12 weeks will give me a much better idea about project management.
    2. On the side I know I will be working with my contact in the company who is working on the mobile app section.
    3. My supervisor also talked about working in Drupal and Magento as I have some experience with these platforms.
    4. I look forward to my time with Emily Salazar and her guidelines about proper manners. The St. Edward’s website also have some recourses that I can follow.

    Time Frame

    1. This runs throughout my entire internship period- from June 3rd till August 23rd 2013.
    2. I will work on the mobile development in my spare time or even at home.
    3. Similarly, I will work on Drupal and Megento in my spare time or even at home.

    Learning manners and practicing them will be a process that I started today and I will continue to lea

Work Samples

Here are few of the projects I have worked in Springbox. You can find more information upon clicking on each project.

Reflection Paper 1


After discussion with the HR person at your my site, I briefly summarized my company’s code of ethics and/or how ethical decisions are handled. Then I summarized an ethical dilemma which could arise at my workplace. I Listed and explained possible solutions, both those used in the past and possible solutions for the future.

Then I discussed the ramifications and consequences of each solution. Finally I have chosen a solution based on my personal values and explained my motives/reasons for choosing that solution.

Reflection Paper 2


To compose a “reflection essay” in which I  systematically summarize and analyze my internship performance and experiences and glean from that some clear outcomes that may help direct me toward the kind of post graduation employment that would make all of this worthwhile.

Internship Logs

Letters of Recommendation

As Chief Technology Officer at Springbox I have had the pleasure of leading Iftekharul Islam through his internship at our office. I am writing this letter to describe our experience in having Iftekharul as part of our team internship program.

Iftekharul was an invaluable addition this summer and I believe both he and our company gained so much by having him around. He is very talented at front-end development. Iftekharul never backed down from a challenge. For example, he was given work on a project that required back-end experience and this did not stop him from getting into the guts of the code, figuring out how it worked, and ultimately finishing the job ahead of schedule.

Culture fit is extremely important at Springbox. Iftekharul fit right in by living our culture of being humble, working hard, and respecting others. I received compliments about Iftekharul from across the company in almost every department.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Iftekharul for a position as web developer in future employment wherever his life may take him.


Tom HudsonChief Technology OfficerSpringbox

As a Senior Developer for Springbox it has been my responsibility to work directly with and supervise Mr. Islam on two distinct projects during his internship tenure.

Over the course of the summer Mr. Islam has proven to be an excellent student and a valuable asset to Springbox with his advanced knowledge of front-end web development technologies, particularly CSS, which he was able to utilize extensively to reduce the development time on client projects and aid us in meeting significant deadlines well ahead of schedule.

In addition to his knowledge of web development technologies Mr. Islam has also proven an asset to Springbox in his ability to shift between projects and teams often with little or no guidance as to what the project goals may be.

Mr. Islam has proven himself both resourceful and competent as a Springbox intern and as such I would gladly recommend him for future employment or any other endeavor in which his skills would be suited.


Chris WiegmanSenior DeveloperSpringbox

As a Web Developer at Springbox, I had the opportunity to work closely with Iftekharul Islam on a major project for a client with a shortened deadline.

Iftekharul was an exemplary intern. He was able to take an image of what the final product should look like and was able to work without constant supervision to create the final webpage. He came up with innovative solutions to problems that arose and was a key player in this project.

Because of Iftekharul’s broad experience he was able to provide assistance on several other projects that were on-going and was able to bridge the knowledge gap that existed with our developers.

I would have no reservations about recommending Iftekharul for serious consideration for any appropriate position or employment.

Should you have questions or need further clarification please feel free to contact me.

Katy Recom

Katy Maffei Web DeveloperSpringbox